who is namrata?

photo by lauren rae wagner

hello, my name is namrata. this is me (at the henna party before my wedding, i don’t always dress like an indian!).

right now, i live in johannesburg, south africa with my husband, p. i’m indian-american (dot!-not-feather as you can see).

we’re moving around for p’s job (journalist) and while he writes about exciting things i’m attempting to solve my (slightly post) quarter life crisis by trying to be creative, or thoughtful, or style conscious, or charitable, or whatever

we started in berlin…i quit my job as a math teacher in new york city for love (crying on skype was NOT doing it for me!!) and found a NEW job as a math teacher in berlin. we got married this past summer and now being a math teacher is a thing of the past. it also wasn’t doing it for me! 

now i have this blog and my new life and a lot of shoppingsoul job searching to do.

so, this is a place where i can feel free to not use capital letters, pretend i am very glamorous and fashion forward, learn to use my DSLR and its lenses (thanks dad!), and try not to get murdered in jozi (thanks internet!). i will try not to philosophize too much,  (apologies in advance! i just tend to be self-loathing and philosophizing is like a crack addiction for that), and document our easyjet setting and diy decorating our house which has a pool (i’m glamorous remember?). maybe i can tempt you to come and visit by showing you another side of johannesburg (the side where we are all not constantly being stolen from and slain, in fact we are actually enjoying this city!). additionally, i shall try and reign in exclamation point and parenthetical usage. 

this will be my record of our lives (if i am henceforth Not Lazy) and things i love, and hopefully i will entertain you or at least let you know if i’ve been killed yet how i am doing (hi mom!). 





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